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Abbey Road on the River | Beatles-Inspired Music Fest in Indiana

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The following paragraph is an excerpt from the book I Went on a Retreat 365 Days in a Row!

This book will be published sometime in 2023.

Listening to Contemporary Christian Music


I have been listening to contemporary Christian music for approximately twenty years. Over this period of time, I have listened to many artists on K-Love radio (106.9 FM in the Philadelphia area), Star 99.1 (99.1 FM in the northern New Jersey area),, my Apple iPhone, and at concerts. If you have not listened to any, or just a few, contemporary Christian songs during your lifetime, I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to this genre of songs. If you start listening to them and you are not that interested, that is okay. Try listing to these songs again and give it another chance. Here is what you can do. I am not sure how this will go for you, but I do know that the people whom I have gotten to try this, their lives have been changed in positive ways for a variety of reasons. Choose one or more of the following when listening to contemporary Christian songs:


1.One web site is The FM affiliate for K-Love in the Philadelphia area is 106.9 FM. This is the one that I listen to, because I live just north of Philadelphia. It may be a different radio station in the area where you live.
2.Another site is The FM affiliate for this station in the northern New Jersey area is 99.1 FM. I listen to this radio station often in my vehicle when I am driving. Check out the affiliate station that is near where you live.
3.I have a subscription to Amazon Prime Plus. When I log into my account, I have access to a plethora of songs. I almost always listen to the contemporary Christian songs. I can listen to them on any technology device. I usually download songs onto my Apple iPhone and listen to them on my phone.
4.If you are still into purchasing music on CDs, which I do occasionally, there are many contemporary Christian songs on the CD’s that have “WOW” in their titles. Some of these many titles include “WOW Hits 2018,” “WOW #1s,” or “WOW Worship.” I purchase these and download them onto my laptop computer and my cellular phone.
5.Visit In the search box, type “best contemporary Christian songs.” Press “enter.” Stick in a pair of your favorite earbuds and listen to your heart’s content.

Try this. When listening to music, listen to just contemporary Christian music using one or more of the avenues I mentioned above. Try it. It cannot hurt. It may just make a positive difference in your life. Listening to this type of music for almost twenty years has changed my life in so many positive ways. These ways are listed below.

 Learning more about Christianity.
 Reaching out and helping others.
 Making a positive difference in someone else’s life.
 Developing a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
 Treating other people the way Jesus treated others.

After reading the above excerpt from I Went on a Retreat 365 Days in a Row!, this may have struck an interest in you with listening to contemporary Christian music. If so, think about taking the K-Love 30-Day Challenge. At, it states, “The challenge is simple: Listen to K-LOVE and only K-LOVE for 30 days. That’s it! Listen to K-LOVE and see if it doesn’t change your mood, your day, and maybe even your life! You can start the challenge any day, so start today.” You can sign up by clicking on the title below.

K-Love 30-Day Challenge