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Helping You Grow Closer to Jesus Christ is an online resource to help

visitors with each of the following:

Faith Formation

Small Groups and Small Group Study Topics

Using Technology to Learn about and Share One’s Faith

Growing Closer to Jesus Christ through

Contemporary Christian Music

Daily Bible Study Resources and Reflections

Advent and Lenten Daily Devotionals

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Why are small groups so important in any church?

Definition and Focus of Small Groups | Life Giving Words of Hope &  Encouragement by Jeff Davis

Technology is a great resource to learn about and share one's faith.


Contemporary Christian music is a wonderful way to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Contemporary Christian Music by Hit Collective on Amazon Music -

Reading Scripture helps with learing about Christianity, Jesus Christ, and how to live our lives.

Riverside Community Church: St. Charles, IL > Bible Studies

Faith-based daily reflections are a wondeful way to start each day!

Reflections: Daily Thoughts — William Catling

Daily Advent reflections are a nice way to keep Christ close to our hearts each day of our lives.

What Is Advent Season? A Closer Look at the Christian Tradition

Lent is the season leading up to Easter Sunday. Lenten daily reflections can be followed any day of the year.

Prayers for Lent 2022

I Went on a Retreat 365 Days in a Row! is my first manuscript.

It will be published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

toward the end of 2023 or the first half of 2024.

It all began in the early months of 2017 when I asked myself a question about the idea of going on a daily retreat. The purpose of each retreat was to take a break from everything that was going on in my life each day. I researched the concept of a daily retreat on the Internet. I learned very quickly that there was not much information at all. Nevertheless, I began going on daily retreats. I documented my first daily retreat on June 1, 2017. I did this every day for a full year until May 31, 2018. Fast-forward to today. I am in the final stretch of working with my editing team on completeing this book. What is it all about? Very briefly, it is all about experiencing a daily retreat (sometimes more than one on a given day) in order to refresh myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, take a break from the rigors of daily life, balance the most important areas of my life – family, faith, self, career – and learn as much as I can about my faith so that I can live my life as best as I can based upon how Jesus Christ taught us during His three-year mininstry. In order to whet your appetite with more details about my book and how it may benefit you, click on each of the items in the carousel to the right.


The main goals for are to help

each visitor with the following:

Develop a stronger understanding of Christianity and Catholicism.

Develop and grow a closer and more personal
relationship with Jesus Christ.

Reach out and help others.

Make a positive difference in the lives of other people.

Use social media and technology to glorify God.

Use the “gift of one’s time” with others.

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Tom’s (current) Favorite

Contemporary Christian Music Songs

1) Find a nice quiet place where no one will bother you.

2) Bring a coffee and a snack with you.

3) Stick in your favorite earbuds.

4) Click on the picture above.

5) Develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ when listening to this music!

Listening to Contemporary Christian Music is one of my favorite things

to do when I am on a retreat by myself or at a concert with family or friends.

Below is my list of why listening to this genre of music is very important to me.

1)   Deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ.

2)   Learn more about what Jesus Christ did for me and how important He is in my life.

3)   Deepen my understanding of the Christian faith.

4)   Worship God and give glory to Him.

5)   Learn more about God’s Word in Scripture and what He is saying to me.

6)   Take the opportunity to focus on my faith.

7)   Do something which mentally takes me away from everything.

8)   Focus on the four most important areas of my life – family, faith, self, and career.

(Click on the picture to the left to listen to some of my current favorite contemporary Christian songs. These songs and others may inspire you as much as they do me.)


Two questions I have heard many times from a number of different people are “There is nothing to do.” and “Technology is a detrimant to our society.” Well, let’s look at the other side of the coin of these two statements. First, “There is always something to do. Every day, each one of us can focus on making this world a better place for others.” Second, “Let’s use technology to learn about our faith, reach out and help others, and glorify God.” 

The are many examples throughout that will help you with the two latter statements mentioned above. The topics listed below are the avenues you can take to do this.

Social Media          Websites          Cable Television    

Movies          Apps          Christian Radio          Podcasts

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Social media and faith can be combined to produce much good in the world.

The Struggle With Faith and Social Media. | The JOY FM - Contemporary  Christian Music, Christian Radio, Positive and Encouraging

There are myriad websites to learn about one's faith.

30 Best Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach - Sharefaith  Magazine

There are many Christian cable television shows. This is the place to check out some of them.

Christian tv show and movie. With our Roku, Fire TV Android channel apps

Movies are a fantastic way to get immersed into learnng about Christianity.

PureFlix Lets Christian Viewers Delete 'Hell' and 'Damn' - Variety

Who would have thought that there are so many faith-based apps for a phone?

The Ultimate List of Awesome Apps for Christians

Listening to Christian radio is a wonderful way to learn about and grow closer to Jesus Christ!

What better way to stay on top of one's faith than listening to podcasts on a phone or some other technology device?

10 Christian Podcasts to Give You Hope and Peace This Year

Make it a point to get connected with Church of the Nativity online.

Celebrate Mass online with Father Michael White at Church of the Nativity.

Welcome. We're Glad You're Here. | Church of the Nativity

Jesus Christ and His Apostles were in a small group. How about you?

Small Groups – Millington Baptist Church

What is the Message Series that takes place at Church of the Nativity?

Nativity Message Podcast

One part of Nativity's reaching out is helping others through Missions.

Church of the Nativity focuses on the "Weekend Experience."

Events | Church of the Nativity | Timonium, MD Catholic Church

Church of the Nativity is a Catholic church located in Timonium, MD. I discovered this church when I read the book “Rebuilt” several years ago. I have learned much about this church since February 2021 by perusing their website, joining one of their small groups on Monday evenings, attending three of their Masses in person, listening to the Gospel read and the sermon on the message series at their weekend Masses online every weekend, and attending several of their webinars. Their mission statement is “Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples.” That’s it! Do you know your church’s mission statement? Their Strategic Anchors (The Core Four) are listed below:

Weekend Experience – Making the weekend experience, music, messages, ministers, a top priority to keep parishioners connected and attract the unchurched.

Shape a Clear Discipleship Path – Preaching and teaching a clear discipleship path so that parishioners can grow as Christ followers.

Leadership – Building layers of leadership, because everything rises or falls on leadership.

Evangelization – Keeping evangelization front and center of everything we do, because who we’re reaching is more important than who we’re keeping.

(Click on the carousel to the left to see all of the great things that Church of the Nativity is doing and how you can become a part of the Nativity family.)





During the first several months of 2017, I contemplated the idea of experiencing a retreat on a daily basis. I began documenting these retreats on June 1, 2017. After several months, I contacted Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. about what I was doing and if they would be interested in working with me to publish my work someday. Linda, a publicist with the company, liked my idea. She was super excited about my work, including myself. Linda encouraged me to continue my work and keep her updated on how I was progressing every now and then. I continued writing about these daily retreats until May 31, 2018. I worked on my manuscript more, submitted it to Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., and they accepted my work about a week later agreeing to work with me to publish it. Since then, I have spent many hours working on my manuscript. It is getting closer and closer to completion. My best educated guess is that I Went on a Retreat 365 Days in a Row! will be published sometime in latter part of 2023 or the first half of 2024, the sooner the better. I say sooner is better because I want my work to benefit as many people on this planet as possible. Not only will my readers benefit from my work, but also those people served by each of the following ministries and nonprofits. Visit the carousel to the right to learn about these ministries and the myriad people around the world you and I can help.

  • Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN)
  • Augustine Institute
  • Bucks County Food Runners
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • Creation Fest
  • Church of the Nativity
  • Dynamic Catholic
  • Humankind Water
  • Malvern Retreat House
  • Karazim Ministries
  • K-Love
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Project FIAT
  • The Abbey Fest
  • Unbound