Christian Concerts

Why Attend a Christian Concert?.


The two paragraphs below are excerpts from the book I Went on a Retreat 365 Days in a Row!,

which will be published in 2024. These excerpts will give you a taste of why

I have been attending contemporary Christian concerts for over 20 years.


A Christian Concert with Thomas at Creation Festival 2017


While at Creation Festival 2017, anyone has the opportunity to attend dozens of concerts throughout the four days. The genre of music played throughout the Festival is mainly contemporary Christian music. I have been listening to this type of music for almost twenty years. There are many bands I enjoy listening to, mainly because I like the message that each of these songs is conveying through the lyrics. The lyrics in these songs, where the lyrics are taken from (many from Scripture), and the messages conveyed in these songs are reasons why I enjoy this type of music. When listening to this music, it gives me the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.


Attending a Concert with Two Wonderful Friends


I have been anticipating this day for several months now. It is the day of one of the many concerts that Barb and I have attended over the past several years. This evening’s concert was Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher featured in the “Chris Tomlin – Never Lose Sight Tour.” Over the years I have learned that the Christian concerts Barb and I attend are not just concerts, but worship services as well. They are such a great way to go on a retreat! The Christian artists who sing these songs in concert are more like worship leaders who play Christian music, compared to Christian artist performers who play worship music. These concerts help me take a break from everything that takes place on a daily basis in my life. They gives me the opportunity to worship God, listen to great music, spend time together with Barb, praise Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, thank God for all that He has done for me in my life, and sit back, relax, and have a great time for two or three hours.

Concerts I Will Be Attending in 2024

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