Daily Scripture Reflections


“What a great way to spend several minutes each day – digging deep into God’s Word!”

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The Bible in a Year Archives - Ascension Press Media

The Bible in a Year Podcast (www.ascensionpress.com) with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Read the ENTIRE Bible in one year, feel more confident about your understanding of Scripture, experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your daily life, and start seeing the world through the lens of Scripture.

Dynamic Catholic — Catholic Community of South Baltimore

.Start each day with an inspiring quote sent directly to your inbox. These simple yet powerful messages will help you to live each day with passion and purpose. Sign up to receive these Daily Reflections at www.dynamiccatholic.com.

FREE Daily Gospel Reflections from Bishop Barron! - Word on Fire

After signing up for the Daily Gospel Reflections for free at www.dailycatholicgospel.com, you’ll receive a brief email each morning. The email will contain a link to that day’s Gospel passage, so you can read it yourself, and then a short reflection on the passage from Bishop Barron. It’s short and simple, but extremely powerful. It’s like a mini-homily each morning.

FORMED Daily Reflections
Catechesis – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

.Sign up at www.daily.formed.org to receive FORMED Daily Reflections directly to your inbox. Start your day off right. Be inspired and renewed each morning with a short video from Dr. Tim Gray.

The USCCB offers a Daily Reflection Video discussing the Gospel that is read at the Mass that is celebrated the same day. You can access these videos at www.usccb.org.