I have been attending a men’s faith-sharing group at my church the first and third Saturdays each month since 2003. There are six to twelve of us who get together these Saturdays to pray, read Sunday’s Gospel that will be read that weekend during the celebration of the Mass in every Catholic church on earth, discuss this Scripture passage, talk about Catholicism and Christianity, and converse about how we can live out our faith and preach the Gospel. Even though many people may call these get-togethers “meetings,” I like to call these get-togethers with my brothers in Christ “Holy Spirit Gatherings.” I feel that the Holy Spirit is present with us at each men’s faith-sharing group gathering and working through each one of us to help us with learning more about our faith, what we can do to be disciples of Jesus Christ, how we can reach out and help others to make this world a better place, and how we can help other people grow closer to Jesus Christ in order to develop a more personal relationship with Him. During and after these gatherings, I feel inspired to send email messages to my brothers in order to help me and them in our faith journeys, and to help each of us grow closer to Jesus each day.

(Click on any picture below to read some of the messages I have sent to my brothers in Jesus Christ. It is
my hope and prayer that you are inspired by one or more of these messages so that you will take the time
to write a message to a church friend or family member to help that person with his or her spiritual journey in life.)