Making a House a Home

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            If you live in a house, you may call this house a “house.” If you live in a house, you may call this house a “home.” If you live in a house, you may call this house a “house” or a “home.” You may think that there is no difference in calling a house a “house” or a “home.” But there is a difference. Let me explain.

            The following are short excerpts from my first manuscript. My goal is to have my manuscript published by the end of 2023. If you would like to have a taste of what my manuscript is all about, please visit the website On the initial page of the site, click on the tab titled “Retreat book.” By doing so, you will have the opportunity to read the “Introduction,” “Prologue,” and “Summary” of my work. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do. The paragraphs below explain what makes a “house” a “home.” Enjoy!

            Excerpt #1: I really like our house. Barb and I purchased it in 2000. It is a house just like others in our neighborhood. But we have made it into a home. A house is the structure we live in every day. It is what takes place in the house that makes it a home. It is the love that is given to one another. It is the compassion that is shown toward each other. It is the caring for one another. It is the sharing with each other. It is the forgiving of each other. It is the time that is given to each other. It is the gentleness with caring for one another. It is the working together with each other. It is the helping of one another. These are what makes a house a home.

       Excerpt #2: Our family has been living in our current house for almost eighteen years. It is my hope that Barb and I will live there until our children are out of the house living on their own, and I am close to retirement from teaching high school mathematics or retired from teaching altogether. I mention that we have been living in a house. The house was built for the original owners thirty years ago. The house is just a structure. That which makes a house a home is what takes place in the house every day. I call our house a home more often than not. What makes our house a home? Well, let me tell you. Wiping a child’s tears after he or she just fell and scraped a knee. Giving a hug to a family member when that person is upset about something. Taking the time to listen to another person. Making any family member feel welcome. Taking the time to talk to someone. Praying before going to sleep at night. Saying grace before meals. Saying “I love you” to someone else. Forgiving another person. Making a great meal for the family. Playing catch in the back yard. Letting the other person have the last piece of dessert. Writing an encouraging note for someone. Making someone’s favorite breakfast. Sitting down together to watch a funny cable television program. Kidding around with each other in a nice way. Complimenting someone else on a “job well done” on a test in school. Saying “I am so proud of you.” These are some ways how our family makes our house a home.

            What can you do today, tomorrow, or any day the rest of your life to take the house or apartment that you live in and make it a home for family and friends?