A Faith-Based Staycation

by | May 28, 2023 | 0 comments

            One place where I can think about many different things is my 2015 Toyota Corolla. What is nice about contemplating many areas and aspects of my life in my vehicle is that I am able to do this by myself on many occasions. I am guessing that every person has their own place that they like to go to in order to take a break from the everyday rigors of life in order to reenergize themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The one place I do this is when I am driving by myself.

            Just the other day, I was driving in my vehicle listening to K-Love 106.9 FM (Philadelphia syndicate). After listening to and focusing on several songs while trying to find comfort through the music and the lyrics of these songs, the radio personality who was hosting the show started talking about going on a staycation instead of a vacation. I had never heard of this before. A vacation is “a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation.” (Merriam-webster.com) When a person enjoys a vacation, money is spent on several different things. A staycation is “a vacation spent at home or nearby.” (Merriam-webster.com) The idea of enjoying a staycation is to save much money, but at the same time enjoying oneself and others.

            My reason for mentioning all of this is because when a person sets aside time to enjoy a staycation, there are many things that one can do that are faith-based and when doing these things at home, you can enjoy your time with family but also glorify God at the same time. Even though I have never planned and enjoyed a staycation, below are some ideas that would be good ideas to implement when experiencing a staycation for different periods of time.


  • Go for a drive around your neighborhood listening to KLove.com radio.
  • Watch a Pureflix.com movie in the comfort of your living room.
  • Read a Scripture Passage together and discuss it.
  • Prepare meals together and donate them to CaringforFriends.org.
  • Attend a church service or Catholic Mass together.
  • Peruse church websites where you live and choose an event to attend at one of these churches.
  • Choose times throughout the day to pray for family and friends.
  • Write letters for men and women in the armed forces (ASoldiersHands.org).
  • Serve meals at a soup kitchen like TrentonSoupKitchen.org.
  • Choose a Christian television cable show (yourwillbedone.life/cable-television) and watch several shows together.
  • Peruse the faith-based websites at yourwillbedone.life/faith-technology/web-sites to see which of these God is calling you to do in your life at this time.
  • Sit and talk about how each family member can live out each day the ways in which Jesus Christ taught us.
  • Enjoy a dinner meal together and talk about sponsoring a child at UNBOUND.org.