Sharing Your Faith – It’s Not as Hard as You Think

by | Oct 29, 2023 | 0 comments

            There are some things in life that a person who is Christian may find challenging to do. These may include attending a Mass or church service each weekend, praying, consciously reaching out to help others, being a disciple of Jesus Christ, reading the Bible, evangelizing what is in Scripture, being part of a small group community, teaching a religious education class, or inviting a family member or friend to a Mass or service that takes place at your church on the weekend.

            There are many more items that can be added to the list of items I mentioned above. I want to focus on the last one, inviting a family member or friend to a Mass or church service. You never know if a person you know will attend a Mass or church service or not unless you invite him or her. The Holy Spirit works through each one of us to invite someone. It is the Holy Spirit who will work through that parson to determine if he or she should attend. It is our responsibility to invite. It is the Holy Spirit who will work through these people we invite to get them to attend.

            It is sometimes tough to invite family and friends to a church where you are a member, because your church may not be welcoming, it may not offer faith formation, it may not offer evangelization ideas, it may not offer much in terms of discipleship, or it may not take ideas from church members in terms of the areas I just mentioned. Nevertheless, look no further. Church of the Nativity ( offers all of these and then some. During each Mass on the weekend, Pastor Michael White gives a sermon on that weekend’s Gospel passage, but he also a “message series” talk right before the main part of the sermon. The current “message series” is titled “Your Story – Full Circle.” It is all about how to share your faith. It is a six-week message series that is helping me with sharing my faith and inviting people to a weekend Mass at Church of the Nativity on Sunday, November 12. Right now, there are eight people driving in two vehicles early on that Sunday morning to take a tour of the church, attend Mass, and enjoy fellowship and great food at the Vision Café after Mass. I have been told that each of us will receive a nice gift before we leave to head home. How cool is that!

            If you are interested in checking out this message series, you can find it at I have gotten so much out of this message series from Father Nichael White that I want to share it with you. I also want to invite you to attend one of their weekend Masses online or in person. They have so much to offer you in terms of learning about our faith, living out our faith, and growing closer to Jesus Christ.