New Beginnings

by | Jan 1, 2023 | 1 comment

There are many times in life when we start something for the first time. It is the beginning of something new. It may be a career, the birth of a child, living on one’s own, retirement, moving to a different city or town, going to college, or becoming a new member of a church. Today is something new. It is the first day of the new year. January 1 is a new beginning for many people. It is the day when many of us take the time to contemplate how we can live our lives differently each and every day in order to benefit ourselves and others. The list below is what I focused on in 2022. I am going to use this same list in 2023. In order for these to work for my benefit and others, I have to make a conscious effort to read each one and focus on them every day of the year. You can use any of the items from my list to include in a list that you can create for yourself. It does help me when I revisit this list every so often to remember to focus on each of these goals as often as I can. It is my hope and prayer that you can use my ideas to help you, your family, and your friends with learning more about your faith, developing a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and reaching out to help others to make a positive difference in their lives.

  • Show love, patience, and kindness to others.
  • “Pray early, pray often” throughout each day. (Prayer is a dialogue with God. Talk to Him or try to listen to what He is saying to you.)
  • Read Scripture. (Not sure where to start? Begin with the Four Gospels in the New Testament.)
  • Keep a daily list of how to reach out and love others.
  • Exercise. (Each one of us is a gift from God. Give God the gift of taking care of your body.)
  • Attend a Catholic Mass or church service every weekend.
  • Go through an “examination of conscience” at the end of each day.

When focusing on each of the above, I find myself growing closer to Jesus Christ. These may also help you with developing a more personal relationship with Him!