“Jesus & The Guys” Podcast

by | Oct 1, 2023 | 0 comments

            Close to two years ago, I was invited by Mark, a church friend, to attend a podcast that he and several other church friends had been recording several Saturdays each month. I politely declined the first several times that he asked me. I am so glad that Mark showed much patience with my saying “no” each time, because there came a point in time when I said “yes.”

            There were many reasons why I said “no” to Mark, but they were all valid reasons. Some of the big reasons were that I have sundry family obligations, I need a break from doing different things, and I sometimes felt that I was filling my plate too much each weekend. When I said “yes” to Mark, this meant that each Saturday morning of every month of every year was going to be filled with the St. John the Evangelist men’s faith sharing group or the “Jesus & The Guys” podcast. You know what? This is not just a good thing. It is a great thing!

            I have been involved with this podcast for over a year now. It has been one of the best things that has happened to me during my lifetime. You might be wondering what we do in this podcast. Well, it is quite simple. Several of us, anywhere from three to six men, will gather at a friend’s home between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM to talk about anything and everything that is happening in our lives. At 9:00, we say a prayer and then read Sunday’s Gospel, which is read in every Catholic church on the planet that same weekend. Then, we talk about whatever is on our hearts and minds. We do this for an hour. After one hour, we conclude with a prayer. Sometimes we will hang out and talk after the recording of this podcast. Sometimes we will depart and go on our ways. It is a great opportunity two or three Satudays each month to get together to enjoy fellowship, pray, read Sunday’s Gospel, learn about what God is saying to us in Scripture, discuss ways in which we can live out our lives according to how Jesus taught, and learn more about Christianity and Catholicism.

            When you have the opportunity, take a listen at the “Jesus & The Guys” podcast online at PeopleWhoLove.us. You can also check out several podcasts below that can help you to learn more about your faith and grow closer to Jesus Christ. These Podcasts are a wonderful way to focus on God’s Word while driving in your vehicle, getting ready for the day in your bedroom, or cooking dinner.

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(Note: These podcasts interest me. I hope that they interest you! If none of these satisfy your thirst for the faith-based knowledge you are looking for, feel free to type “best Christian podcasts” into your favorite Internet search engine to see what else is out there.)