Church of the Nativity Small Group Message Series

by | Sep 3, 2023 | 0 comments

          I have been part of a men’s faith-sharing small group on Monday evenings for the past two and a half years. This group is based in Timonium, MD. I am in Bucks County, PA, a two-hour drive north from my group. All of us meet online. These men are parishioners at one of the most amazing Catholic churches on the planet. I learned about Church of the Nativity when I read the book Rebuilt several years ago. The book is about the process and transformation that took place at this church over a several-year period where the parish went from a “dying” church to a “living” and “breathing” church during this time frame. They continue to adjust and make changes to make church relevant, reach the unchurched, help everyone learn about their faith, assist with helping you grow closer to Jesus Christ, and be welcoming to everyone in person and those online.

          I am so glad that I found this church and small group of men within Church of the Nativity so that I can enjoy fellowship with them each Monday night, participate in some of their church events and activities that are online, share my thoughts and concerns with them, learn more about my faith, and grow closer to Jesus Christ. Whether you are Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, or any other Christian denomination, take the time to visit their website to learn more about what they do at their church to help you on your faith journey in life so that you can develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ!